Invited Plenary Speakers

Prof Hagan Bayley

Professor Hagan Bayley FRS, University of Oxford.

Hagan Bayley received his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford before completing his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Harvard University. His postdoctoral training was with Professor Gobind Khorana at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then went on to work at Columbia University, the Worcester Foundation and Texas A&M University. He joined University of Oxford as the Professor of Chemical Biology in September 2003 and is a fellow of Hertford College. Hagan has research interests in biomolecular materials, including exciting recent work on printed tissue.

Professor Judith Driscoll
Prof Judith Driscoll

Professor Judith Driscoll , University of Cambridge

Judith Driscoll is a Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge, as well as a Long Term Visiting Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, and founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, APL Materials , from the American Institute of Physics. Her group specialises in the materials science of complex functional materials and nanostructures with the aim of enhancing functional properties, with a particular focus on energy materials.

Nigel Birch
Nigel Birch

Nigel Birch, Senior Manager (Physical Sciences) at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Nigel covers a range of science and engineering research and policy portfolios, including materials science, skills and gender diversity. In 2001 he became EPSRC's Head of International looking at ways to improve links with China, India and Japan which led to a four-year secondment to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as Deputy Director of the Science and Innovation Network in China.

Nigel will be discussing EPSRC funding, and how (to try) to get it.

Note: There are two discussion panels (i.e. on Careers and Progression on Thursday afternoon and Funding and Publishing on Friday). Please feel free to submit questions to our panel members in advance here: