Conference Chairs

Dr Valeska Ting
Picture Valeska Ting is the University of Bath's Prize Fellow in Smart Nanomaterials, and holds a lectureship in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her research interests lie in the field of sustainable technologies, based upon the synthesis, characterisation and testing of functional nanoporous materials. Recent research on development of porous hydrogen storage materials led to a number of high-profile awards, including the 2013 SET for Britain Westminster Medal and Gold Medal for Engineering and the 2013 Sir Frederick Warner Medal.
Dr Adam Perriman
Picture Adam Perriman joined the University of Bristol as a Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Medicine before being awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship. He has pioneered research into novel hybrid biomolecular systems using advanced physical techniques, with research into the development of protein-polymer surfactant nanohybrids generating extensive media coverage in New Scientist, Pop Sci and RSCs Chemistry World. His research interests are acutely interdisciplinary, are built on the solid foundations of fundamental science, and span the fields of nanotechnology, biophysical chemistry, and tissue engineering.

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Picture Dr. Baljit GhatoraLecturer, Kingston University

Advisory Committee

Annela SeddonUniversity of BristolUK
Siddharth PatwardhanUniversity of StrathclydeUK